Our Country Welcomes You & Your Vote!

From the desk of Hebrew Seminary President Rabbi Dr. Douglas Goldhamer and Alison C. Brown, Executive Director

We recognize that a very serious federal election is approaching.   We also recognize that it is crucial for everyone to vote and to exercise this liberty that our country has granted each one of us.

Our Torah is very clear when it talks regularly about everyone’s rights to speak their mind.  We are taking advantage of Judaism’s commitment to free speech to maintain that we believe this election is perhaps the most serious election we have ever faced in this generation, maybe even in our country’s history.  Before you cast your vote, please remember that it is so important to have a president who welcomes and embraces all minorities.  As a matter of fact, all of us or most of us reading this have members of our own family who were once refugees and this country opened it door widely in accepting people of all religions and races and colors.  This is what has made America great and this is what makes Judaism great.

Remember the words of our prophets, “Proclaim freedom unto to all the land.”  We can be so proud that the teachings of Torah and the teachings of our constitution are identical in accepting the rights of all people regardless of national heritage or background.


Rabbi Goldhamer and Alison

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